Dec 3, 2016 – Jo Demetra, Jewelry

 The Hows and Whys of Jewelry

What is Right For You?

An Interactive Workshop with Jo Demetra 

     Preview Show: Friday Dec 25-7pm      

Workshop: Saturday Dec 311:30am-1pm

 Trunk Show:  Saturday Dec 3, 11am-4pm


                         Which One Looks Best?

                        Fashion Industry Secrets

  • Have you ever wondered why some people look so fabulous all the time?                      
  • When you put on the same thing it just doesn’t work?
  • It is not because you are not tall enough, thin enough or young enough                  
  • It is because it is not RIGHT for YOU, but there is a lot that is!

Jo Demetra has spent her life making things beautiful, working 40 years in the fashion industry as a designer, merchandiser, product developer, personal stylist, contract negotiator, interior decorator, spatial designer and planner. Now she focuses on designing and making jewelry, as a personal stylist and product-based business consultant. She was awarded the Isobe Sinesi Lifetime Achievement Award in Fashion from The School of Fashion Design in Boston. 

This 1-1/2 hour workshop will address:

Why do you buy jewelry?

Metals and their finishes – gold, silver, copper, antique gold & antique silver

How these metal colors work with your ‘CORE’  colors – hair, skin and eyes

Tricks of the trade – creating illusions!

And my favorite, the companion that we all have – The Inner Critic                                

 For your shopping pleasure, mimosas and nibbles will be served. Complimentary personal shopping.

Here’s to you looking your best!

Jo & Seyrel


Your $20 registration fee will be credit towards your purchase of $80 or more. 

15 Lexington Ave, Unit 1      Magnolia, MA 01930