15 Lexington Ave, Magnolia, MA

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Martha LevenMartha Leven

in the last week
This gallery is a visual feast. Among other things, there are exquisite ceramics, sculptures, jewelry, painting and, collages, It is a wonderful place to buy the right gift for the right person or a piece of art for your own home. I visit often just to see what’s new and learn about the artists and their work. The owners, artists themselves, are always welcoming and willing to explain any of the work that’s presented.

Yhanna Coffin

in the last week

I went to the Gallery to see what they have up for the holidays. It was exciting. They have some artwork that I have never seen anywhere else. It is full of color and full of glass. An amazing work that takes great technical skill that does not overshadow the work itself.

They also have some of the most exciting ceramic work I have seen. Beautiful bowls and rain spouts, mugs and vases. The range of ceramic work makes it easy to find something if you are looking for a gift. They also have jewelry from various artists.

It was Ladies night so there were treats and wine. ummmmmm.

2 weeks ago
Lexicon Gallery is a bright colorful gallery filled with eclectic art from local and national artists. The opening show for Leading Ladies in ceramics was a great opportunity to view and purchase the work of established ceramic artists Anni Melancon, Cynthia Curtis, and Marty Morgan, as well and view and purchase ceramics from emerging artist. When touring galleries on Cape Ann, this gallery should definitely be on your list! Watch for upcoming shows!

Paul Korn

2 weeks ago
The Lexicon Gallery has an amazing collection of exquisite and unique ceramic (and other) art. Each piece has been chosen with care by Seyrel and Chris Williams, who really have an eye for aesthetically beautiful and unusual work. In a town (Gloucester MA) full of talented artists, the work at this gallery really stands out. It is definitely worth a trip to the up and coming Magnolia area of Gloucester. Sue Bumagin and Paul Korn, Gloucester MA

Christine Gauthier-Kelley

2 weeks ago
This hidden gem is a sign of things to come. Already re-enlivening this tiny seaside village spot of Gloucester (once home and vacation spot to the rich and famous aristocrats of metro Boston), the Lexicon Gallery in Magnolia is worth the gorgeous drive to see what Seyrel’s keen eye has brought for your viewing. The ever-changing, interesting and eclectic mix of high-end ceramic goods, statuary, fine hand-crafted jewelry, wall art and one-of-a kind elegant wearable arts makes visiting the Gallery a unique experiential event. There’s something for everyone across wide price ranges! Combine that with lunch at some of the new eateries in town and a walk along the panaoramic view Atlantic promenade that spans the full length of Magnolia and you’ve got a great day!

Stephen Kuhn

3 weeks ago
Lexicon is a really creative gallery in a wonderful, bright space. The owner, Seyrel Williams, is super knowledgeable and so thoughtful. They have a number of artists’ work on display at any one time. The last couple of times I’ve visited I’ve been really struck with some of the really high-quality art, including Jennifer McCurdy’s amazing ceramics. Her shop assistant Chris is really knowledgeable and helpful as well. I definitely recommend going in to learn about their artists, the local art scene in Gloucester, MA, and beyond in a really welcoming and no-pressure environment. And for the artistically capable, they also have workshops with some of the artists too.

Bonnie Maller

2 weeks ago
A truly wonderful & unique place — a beautiful, eclectic & ever changing collection of art in a bright, airy & welcoming atmosphere. Lexington Ave in Magnolia is ALIVE! A must see!

Diamond Plumbing

a week ago
Magnolia is a hidden gem of a location, and Lexicon Gallery and Studios offers many treats for the eyes and soul, bringing out the flavor of this seaside community. Well worth the drive, which is also gorgeous any time of year. A great mix of art work and ceramics.

ellen w

2 weeks ago
Delightful gallery full of beautiful treasures and surprises! Definitely worth a trip and Magnolia is such a cute section of Gloucester.

Kathy Morris

~Janis Sanders

“Seyrel Williams, the owner of Lexicon Gallery, a wonderful potter herself, opened the gallery late 2014 and has had the creative vision to pair her shows, one a potter the other a visual artist.      I think that aspect is interesting and very successful aesthetically, though at first glance it may seem unusual, which it is.     With a keen eye for design and color, Seyrel Williams (and collaborative partner, Jenny Rangan) meld 2-D with 3-D for beautiful compositions in her uplifting, well lit and airy gallery space.     Offering workshops as well, I believe this gallery and venture is a huge positive contribution to art and culture in the Boston area.

…”I believe you will be in for a visual treat!”

…”There is a very interesting story here, of the successful evolution of a new gallery on the North Shore, with a fresh take on art presentation along with contribution to the community, for everyone’s enjoyment!”…